Who We Are

We are a group of parents, teachers, school staff, students and citizens who care about our public school systems and work toward educating our community about public education. It is free to join us, you do that by endorsing our platform.

Educate Ann Arbor Coordinating Committee (in formation)

  • Meredith Buhalis
  • Ruth Kraut
  • Hannah Rubinstein
  • Patti Smith
  • Moe Fitzsimons

Endorsers  - Add your name

Margaret Weiss
Jasmine Boster
Colin Brooks
Nikole Bonevich
Laurie Adams
Harmony M.
Angela K.
Neal Foster
Francine MacBride
Middy Matthews
Ruth Kraut
Hunter Van Valkenburgh
Michael Appel
Moe Fitzsimons
Karen Gottschalk
Julie Roth
Cathy Fleischer
Tracey Metry
Julie Quiroz
Beverly Davidson
Priti Shah
Andrea Horvath
Kristin Dziczek
Jenni Lane
Janice Nelson
Maria B.
Lisa Ingall
Ko Shih
Anne W.
Annalee Appledorn
Meisha Blackwell
Patti Smith
Shelly Rettell
Jill Pernicano
Meredith Buhalis
Maggi Rohde
Rebecca Lazarus
Hannah Rubenstein
Suzanne Perkins