Ready, Set, Go: School Board Candidates Start Campaigns

In Ann Arbor, there are eight candidates for three school board seats. Each seat is for a 4-year term. 

Washtenaw Intermediate School District districts

Washtenaw Intermediate School District districts

The following candidates are running for school board in Ann Arbor: 

  • Jeff Gaynor
  • Jeremy Glick
  • Rebecca Lazarus
  • Simone Lightfoot
  • Deb Mexicotte
  • Harmony Mitchell
  • Hunter Van Valkenburgh
  • Don Wilkerson

Unlike Ann Arbor city council, candidates don't run in "wards," but they run district-wide. 

Educate Ann Arbor will be asking each candidate to endorse the Educate Ann Arbor platform, and we will be sharing more information about those candidates who do endorse the platform--that way you will know where they stand.

[You can also endorse the Educate Ann Arbor platform. It's easy. Just fill out this form!]

Andy Thomas decided not to run again. Thank you Andy for your service!

If you are in another district in Washtenaw County, you can learn more about who is running in your district in this article

It's probably also worth noting that current Ann Arbor school board member Donna Lasinski is running for a Michigan House of Representatives seat. She won her (Democratic) primary, and if she wins the general election, there will be another vacancy on the Ann Arbor school board--after the election.