Introducing AAPS School Board Candidate Rebecca Lazarus

We asked school board candidates who have endorsed the Educate Ann Arbor platform to write a short post introducing themselves; describing what they are most interested in working on when they are on the board; and a bit about what most resonates with each of them about the Educate Ann Arbor platform. 

Rebecca Lazarus writes:

As a mother of 2 children, who attend Logan Elementary, I have learned the importance of being an involved parent.  I’ve found that most parents want the same things for their children as I do --- To have them:

  • Attend schools that are safe, clean, and well maintained;
  • Receive a good education with caring and supportive teachers and staff; and
  • Have equal access to innovative programs and state-of-the-art resources that will prepare them for success in a global market.

I am confident, I will bring a new perspective to the District. I have a wide business background in insurance, technology, government, business development, and marketing. I’ve negotiated and managed contracts and budgets both private and public. And I have several years of government experience working for 2 Mayors.

I’m currently serving as Logan’s PTO Council Representative and manage their website. I’m also honored to serve on the District’s Classroom Advisory Bond Committee for Technology and Environment.  Our purpose as a committee, is to research and make recommendations to the Superintendent regarding how to improve classrooms and support students and teachers in a dynamic learning environment.

Another reason why I am running, is to make sure our education dollars are spent wisely!

As your School Board Trustee, I will:

  • Oversee District spending, to ensure sound fiscal management, and reduce waste;
  • Review agreements, to ensure buildings are safe, clean, and well maintained without increasing taxes;
  • Make sure all students have equal access to state-of-the-art resources;
  • Be accessible and work hard to address your concerns; and,
  • I will leverage my relationships with state and local governments to ensure Ann Arbor receives its fair share.

I love this District and the community it serves. I want to bring a fresh perspective to the District regarding “diversity” and how we embrace our cultural differences.  Our students come from 85 countries and speak 64 different languages. There is a lot we can learn from each other. Every student, teacher, staff member, and parent is special and unique, and together, we make Ann Arbor strong! 

This election is very important, not only for Ann Arbor, but for our Country. So, please register to vote.  And I ask for your support and vote this November 8th.