Educate Ann Arbor Mission

Educate Ann Arbor is a group of parents, teachers, school staff, students and citizens who care about our public school systems and work toward educating our community about public education.

We believe parents should have an active voice in their children’s education.

We believe teachers are professionals and should be treated as professionals.

We believe in teacher-driven assessment.

We support the rights of teachers, paraprofessionals, and other school staff to unionize.

We endorse community-driven decision-making.

We insist the State of Michigan make school funding a priority.


We believe the State of Michigan:

  • should support collaboration between districts rather than pit districts against each other by focusing on per-pupil funding;
  • should forbid public funding for for-profit public schools and charters;
  • should work to ensure school districts across the state have the capacity to provide students and teachers with the kinds of opportunities available to students and teachers in Ann Arbor;
  • should allow local district control of curriculum within state standards;
  • should protect student data from corporate data mining.

We believe our local school districts:

  • have an unhealthy focus on testing and data collection, which is detrimental to the art of teaching and experiential learning.
  • should reduce district mandated testing and oppose state and federal overtesting, while supporting teacher-driven assessment
  • should reduce the use of testing in teacher evaluation
  • need to promote full transparency in board decision-making, including saving special briefings for emergent situations, providing adequate notice for agendas and documents, and allowing access to meeting videos after the meetings.
  • should work to insource services when possible (reverse outsourcing)
  • should work to safeguard student data.
  • should tolerate and abide by state legislation, while seeking to advocate for the values of the community
  • should ensure a focus on equity and the reduction of disparities in outcomes among students based on race, ethnicity, national origin, class, and disability.
  • should work on the state level to provide students and teachers across the state with the kinds of opportunities available to students in Ann Arbor.

We believe parents:

  • are partners in the creation of excellent school systems.
  • have the right to opt out of district mandated testing, just as they have the right to opt out of health education and holiday celebrations like Halloween

We believe teacher evaluation:  

  • should be fair, consistent, and in keeping with professional standards; and to the greatest extent possible should not use standardized tests to measure teacher performance;
  • should be primarily focused on positive supports and improvements.